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 We are a digital design and 

 development shop. We create the 

 best software spanning tablets, 

 mobile, desktop, and web. 


We are a digital design and development shop. We create the best software spanning tablets, mobile, desktop, and web.



We are a digital design and development shop. Our focus is to create the best mobile, desktop, touch and web software through a broad set of skills. From wireframes to database development we keep the client and user at the forefront of each project.

Our expertise is focused on the most cutting edge technologies across multiple platforms. Through rapid development on the .NET platform, Android and IOS, we provide solutions that span .NET, Azure, iPad, Silverlight, WCF, Windows 8, Windows Phone and WPF.

We strive to simplify content and process for creators and users alike. Mostly, we live to make creative ideas a reality.



Chris ‘Bud’ Tinsley started developing software in the early 1990’s using Microsoft QBasic. Two decades later, Chris leads the Sixth Ave Studios development and engineering team. In addition to Chris’s leadership at Sixth Ave Studios, he is a husband, outdoor enthusiast, and dedicated nerd.

Previously, he managed hedge fund research and analytics for the McCutchen Group, a multi-billion dollar alternative investment firm in Seattle, Washington.

Chris holds a B.B.A from Pacific Lutheran University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is also a proud Eagle Scout.



Jared Potter has been designing and developing software UI for more than 10 years. In addition to his design at Sixth Ave Studios he is a husband, father of two boys and high school teacher.

His previous role was the Design Integration Lead in Microsoft’s Mobile Studio for Windows Phone. Over his career he has had the privilege of polishing his interface design skills on such distinguished clients as AT&T, Cartier, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Mazda, Microsoft Surface, Nokia and Starbucks.